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Dr. Suresh Sukumaran,
From Kerala, is the chief physician at Sashtra Ayurveda. Hailing from an ayurvedic family of physicians, he has about 40 years of practicing experience, of which, a majority, he has worked in
Kottakal Hospital Delhi and reputed Ayurveda Center Shanthigiri.

Consultation Time : 9 Am to 1PM and 4 PM to 8 Pm
Sunday Working

Consulting Physicians

Dr. Riya Varghese MD
4 Pm to 8 Pm (Monday Holiday) - By Appointment
(Monday Holiday For Dr. Riya Only, other doctors and services shall be available on Monday)

Home Treatment for critical Ailments

At Sashtra we provide ayurvedic treatments, after doctor consultation, at your home, for critically ill patients.

Sunday Working

Ayurveda Hospital

- Kerala Ayurvedc Treatments.
- Inpatient facility
- All required support for mediclaim process
- Out Patient facility

Kerala Ayurveda Treatments

Timing 6.30 Am to 12 Pm & 4 PM to 7 PM On All Days

Treatments Offered on all days including Sundays

At Sashtra we offer all Kerala Ayurveda Treatments

Abhyangam :
Abhyangam means “oil bath” In olden days Abhyangam used to be a daily ritual.

Kizhi :
This is one among the swedana kriyas. During Kizhi a cloth pouch is made out of the suggested medicines by the doctor This pouch otherwise known as kizhi is heated up in suggested oil / kashayams and applied over the body.

The various types of Kizhi are : Avi Kizhi | Dhanya Kizhi | Egg Kizhi | Ela Kizhi | Mamsa Kizhi | Naranga Kizhi | Navara Kizhi I Podi Kizhi | Uppu Kizhi

Dhara :
In Shiro Dhara a continuous stream of medicated oil / butter milk / milk is allowed to drip on the forehead. If it’s Sarvanga Dhara then the flow is applicable all over the body. The various types of Dhara are Dhanyamla Dhara | Janu Dhara | Kashaya Dhara | Ksheera Dhara | Shiro Dhara | Takra Dhara | Nethra Dhara

Vasthi :
Specially prepared warm medicated oil is kept, within a boundary (circle) made out of wheat or black gram paste or within a specially made ring fixed over the paste. The various types of Vashti, according the area where its applied upon the human body, are Janu Vasthi | Kati Vasthi | Greeva Vasthi | Shiro Vasthi | Uro Vasthi

Other Ayurvedic Procedures
Paal Puka
Pizhichil - In Pizhichil slow stream of warm medicated oil
Bandage – Hip / Joints
Special Bandage

For details on the above Ayurveda therapy please CLICK HERE

Sunday Working

Mukha Lepam & Skin Care

 Almond Mukha Lepam
 Aroma Mukha Lepam
 Cooling Mukha Lepam
 Fruit Full Body Lepam
 Fruit Lepam
 Hair pack + Head Massage
 Mukha Lepam
 Mukha Lepam for Dry Skin
 Mukha Lepam for Tanning
 Navara Mukha Lepam
 Saffron Mukha Lepam
 Special Mukha Lepam


Panchakarma is an ayurvedic regimen which helps a person to cleanse one’s system.
Panchakarma also helps in preventive care and in the management of the system. This prepares the system to accept therapies and (Rasayana Kriyas) treatments for various diseases like joint pains, arthritis, RA, dermatological problems, neurological issues, gynecological related issues, life style diseases, psychiatric problems, palliative care etc,
Panchakarma helps in keeping the tri-dhoshas in balance. This basically corrects the imbalance in the tri-dhoshas that causes various diseases.

o Panchakarma has three steps
1) Poorvakarma (Preparatory procedures)
a. During this process, a person is subject to internal medicines to correct ones digestive system and also to swedana kriyas (which will help a person to sweat)

2) Pradhanarma (Main procedures)
a. Vamanam: In this procedure patients are induced to vomit. This treatment is for purifying your chest and stomach. This treatment is a cure for chronic respiratory problems and allergic skin disorders. etc.

b. Virechanam: It is purgation process, which concentrates on purifying your entire body along with vascular system. This method also helps us to get rid of various skin related problem

c. Vasthi: are classified as
(a). Kashayavasthi. During this procedure patients are subjected to medicated enema using time tested Ayurvedic formulations. The aim of this process is to solve any rheumatic and neurological problems in the body. Obesity is another problem which vasthi has proved to be the remedy.
(b). Thailavasthi - Medicated oil is used for enema, Very effective for back pain due to variety of reasons.

b. Nasyam: In this medicated oils are poured into nostrils. This is used in treating headaches including migraine, cervical spondylosis, facial palsy, periarthritis, sinusitis, frozen shoulder etc.

e. Rakthamoksham: It is the best remedy for all ailments caused by impure blood. During this procedure, thrust is given on treatments developed for purifying the blood in the body. Obviously, this process is the best cure for skin eruptions, psoriasis etc. Done very rarely and only under expert supervision.

3) Paschat Karma (Post Therapeutic procedures)
a. Internal medicines, diet and daily regime to be followed is prescribed by the physician